An Opinion That Matters

Haute Living just launched our newly redesigned website, which is constantly being updated with the most pertinent information about the luxury lifestyles in each of our markets. Over the course of Haute Living New York’s three-year history, we have encountered and profiled some of the city’s most notable individuals. While we are happy to share their stories with you, now we want to take it one step further. These are people who have the inside scoop about the New York scene, so we thought it prudent to ask them for their opinion on the city’s best, from brunches and power lunches to romantic dinner spots and shopping destinations. You can find a slew of these completed questionnaires on, and we will be showcasing the answers from one notable individual in each edition from here on out. For our first Insider’s Guide, we asked Peter Tunney, of the Peter Tunney Experiment fame, for his thoughts on New York’s hautest venues.

Name Peter Tunney

Where were you born? Georgetown University Hospital, Washington DC, 1961

In New York Since 1964

Neighborhood From Carnegie Hill to Soho, and strongly in Soho since 1990

Occupation Artist, curator, and self-proclaimed Mayor of Soho

The Most Notable New Yorker Jared Kushner

In New York, You Most Admire Olga Bloom. She founded Bargemusic under the Brooklyn Bridge. And my friend TJ.

Favorite Restaurant Cipriani Downtown and Le Bilboquet

Best Sushi It’s really still Nobu

Best Ethnic Food L’Orange Bleu on Crosby

Best Italian I eat simple, uncomplicated Italian almost everyday… Cipriani

Best place for Late-Night Dining Cipriani Downtown, STK, One, and any diner—especially small, old ones like Tramway

Best Dessert Vanilla Crème Meringue Cake or Flaming Crepes at Cipriani

Best Place for a Romantic Date River Café or a dive on the Lower East Side

Best Brunch I happen to like Soho Grand

Hautest Club/Lounge Avenue and the Boom Boom Room [editor’s note: now called QT] are smokin’!

Best Place for a Power Business Meeting Le Bernadin or the Peter Tunney Room at Capitale

All-Around Favorite Locale in New York Soho, and parts of Little Italy for sure

If you have out of town guests, which hotel would you recommend? Soho Grand and 60 Thompson

Favorite Shopping Venue/Boutique I don’t shop.

Best Place to Buy Jewelry/Watch Jimmy the Fence? Is this a trick question?

Best Spa Pratima Spa in Soho

Favorite Charity Event Spirituality for Kids at Donna Karan’s Pad

Favorite Cultural Institution The Frick… still largely unknown to most. I go there a lot.

Best Aspect of New York Everything on this page is there and everything else that’s not on this page, 24/7