Donald Trump’s Canned Concepts

The famed business tycoon and some lame business ideas.

Donald Trump’s success is unrivaled in today’s business world — it seems almost everything he touches turns into a phenomenon… reiterate almost.  The legendary self-branding, self-marketing businessman had a few concepts that, thankfully, remained mere concepts and were never actualized, which Citfile compiled for us. Included in the list of canned concepts is an energy drink, “Trump Power” that was set to launch in 2004 but after a delay was eventually canned in 2006;  “Trump Verdict”—a courtroom-style television series that Donald was planning on hosting—was another idea that failed to launch; and a prepared martini called none other than “Trumptini” was conceptualized in 2005 and has yet to be poured.

The list of Trump-inspired dead ends continues, with “Trump Tycoon”, a computer game system; “The Trump Follies”, an entertainment/performance act replicating that of the Ziegfeld Follies; “Donald J. Trump Boardroom” which was a series of books in the business law field; and even “Trump Furniture.”  Also included in this assortment of concepts, which may not be Trump’s idea, but still had his name attached, was “T Baby.”  Thought of by his daughter-in-law, Vanessa Trump, the children’s line was set to include clothing, lamps, rugs, toys and of course piggy banks.  Apparently, Trump had enough sense (and cents) to know to pass.

Via Cityfile