Haute Toys: Ulysse Nardin and SCI Innovations Present The Chairman


Ulysse Nardin and SCI Innovations have joined forces to create a technologically advanced hybrid smart phone known as the Chairman, marking the first occasion of an Ulysse Nardin-branded product. This sleek, hand-made phone/watch combination includes customized Ulysse Nardin features, incorporating the first mechanical watch rotor into a phone’s design. With the integral designs of an automatic watch, the smart phone offers the ability to charge a built-in battery using the kinetic energy of its moving rotor. This hybrid, which will be offered in solid gold, steel/gold, and steel versions, showcases a 2.8-inch touch screen with a user-friendly interface. The fingerprint recognition security feature prohibits phone access to anyone except the owner. A set of stringent tests for quality control will limit the number of phones produced to maintain strict requirements. The Chairman, which will be compatible with most GSM networks around the world, will be available for purchase this fall.