Women on Top in Tech: Esther Dyson, Linda Avey, Carol Bartz, Winifred Mitchell Baker and more


Anne Wojcicki
Company: 23andMe
Home: Palo Alto

In 2006 Wojcicki, along with her co-founder Linda Avey, gave everyone access to their own genome (for a fee) when they founded 23andMe. If her experience as a hedge fund and biotech analyst and Yale graduate doesn’t give her enough caché, she’s also married to Google founder Sergey Brin (and expecting their first child). Google helped launch the company with a $3.6 million investment, and the company has raised a total of about $10 million with investments from Genentech and Esther Dyson. Giving individuals access to their own genetic information is a longtime goal of Wojcicki’s, and the company does just that with a mail-order “split kit,” which sells for $399. In addition, 23andMe aims to create a common, standardized resource that will accelerate drug discovery and bring personalized medicine to the public.