Medici Dynasty of the Legends Collection


Founded in 1919 by Ernst Döttling in Sindelfingen, Germany, Döttling Safes still remains a family business and is headed by a fourth generation family member, Markus Döttling. Renowned for its sleek designs and state-of-the-art technology, the company has recently unveiled its most impressive safe to date: The Medici Dynasty. As the name implies, the safe dates back to 1770 during the Medici reign in Italy and was produced in Milan. The structure stands at an impressive 6.5 feet high and 4.5 feet wide, is filled with authentic ornate engravings, and has been restored to both technical and aesthetic perfection. Medici Dynasty is part of the Legends Collection, an assortment of fully restored and customized antique safes. Pricing varies depending on levels of customization and restoration, though pricing for the Legends Collection begins at $750,000.