Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton Celebrate Stephen Sprouse


Tomorrow, Louis Vuitton officially unveils, a website that pays homage to Stephen Sprouse and, of course, Marc Jacobs’ Sprouse-inspired redux collection. Sprouse-who died in 2004 at the age of 50-was one of the most buzzed-about clothing designers of the eighties and nineties, though unfortunatelt his sales never matched his status. Inspired by punk, his fashion line of graffiti apparel and neon extended far past the typical CBGB sphere: Bergdorf’s and Bendel’s were infatuated early on, and as Roger and Mauricio Padilha make clear in their new visual biography, they were far from his only patrons and ardent fans. Along with video of the Spring 2001 show at which Sprouse’s original graffitied bags debuted, there are interviews with friends of the iconoclastic designer, including’s Candy Pratts Price, Debbie Harry, Jeffrey Deitch, as well as Marc Jacobs. An interactive section called Scrawl the Wall lets fans write graffiti testimonials on a virtual wall.

Via Style