Levis and Hirst


For anyone who loves British artist Damien Hirst and pair of good ole’ blue jeans Levi’s has answered the call. The iconic denim house has partnered with the artist to create a 12-piece collection featuring his trademark thematic skulls, tropical butterflies and intense use of color. The concept was initially released last April through a pop up/shop book at Fred Segal Man in Santa Monica. The collection is comprised of t-shirts, denim, knits, scarves, and outerwear and is surprisingly reasonably priced. Tees start at around $80 and jeans around $200. When asked about how the collaboration came about, Hirst replied “I’ve always worn Levi’s and I saw a collection that Adrian Nyman made using Warhol’s art and I loved it so much that I bought the whole collection. Adrian heard about it and contacted me and asked if I’d like to work with him, the Warhol estate and Levis, and of course I jumped at the chance.”