Setting the Stage: Grafton Furniture teams up with b+g Design

By Felicity Sargent
Photography by Barry Grossman

Grafton Furniture teams up with b+g Design to energize High-end real estate.


 Grafton’s relationship with renowned Florida interior design firm, b+g design, has allowed them both to now extend their services to the real estate market.

When designing for the upper echelon, there are certain expectations and standards that must be met and upheld. More often than not, those most affluent wish their homes to be fully customized-from the architecture to the furnishings that fill it-and of the highest quality.

Grafton Furniture consistently satisfies the most discerning clientele with their unrivaled furniture design and manufacturing services. For three generations the Grafton family has maintained the tradition of fine craftsmanship, using old-world skills elsewhere forgotten, to produce custom furniture for elegant living. The company uses the finest materials and will fully customize any of its furniture pieces to please clients, or create something entirely new if need be. Owner Steve Grafton explains, “We offer complete custom capabilities. Whether executing clients’ designs or tailoring our own products to their requirements, we will customize everything from specific dimensions to appropriate finishes to adapting design details. We will build anything to our client’s exact specs.” Grafton Furniture serves as both a design partner and manufacturer, minimizing turnaround time from the company’s artisan workshops and into patron’s residences. While Grafton Furniture has already established itself a leader in the industry, it is now branching out to a new market in high demand: real estate staging.

Grafton’s relationship with renowned Florida interior design firm, b+g design, has allowed them both to now extend their services to the real estate market. Headed by the husband and wife team of Brett Sugerman and Giselle Loor, b+g design has established its reputation as a successful interior design firm, completing numerous projects inside some of the country’s most exclusive residences, transforming interiors into havens of luxury.

With the current influx of homes on the market, the staging industry has experienced considerable growth, though no firm will be able to compete with the combined forces of b+g design and Grafton Furniture. The team can fully stage multimillion-dollar residences with specialized designs and customized furniture in 60 days or less. Their services are most frequently used in Miami, up to Ft. Lauderdale and Boca in coastal luxury properties. However, they can apply their unique synergies anywhere across the country, in the islands, and in Latin America.

It’s a buyers market, and the services offered by Grafton Furniture and b+g design are helping to sell luxury residences with their ability to showcase homes at their finest.