Manhattan’s $5 Million Zipcodes

By Sean Ballent

Last week, the research site PropertyShark did their research and came up with a list of where the home sales of at least $5 million were happening in Manhattan this year. The numbers were ranked by amounts per zip code, cover closed condo, co-op and other single-residential deals from January through Oct. 17. The numbers didn’t include the deals at the super expensive Time-Warner Center, 15 Central Park West, and The Plaza, which were likely to skew everything. The zip codes in the Upper East Side led the field, taking four out of the top five spots with an average sale price of over $10 million.

If you were to add the Time-Warner Center, 15 Central Park West, and The Plaza the Upper East Side would lose its dominance on top of the list. In fact, The Upper West Side, which is home to 15 CPW and Time Warner jumped from 33 sales of at least $5 Million without the duo to 135 sales with, propelling 10023 to the top.

Via Observer