Hermès Special Edition Smart Fortwo


French design powerhouse Hermès, the legendary luxury goods maker known for its leather items in the fashion world, has stepped into the automotive world once again. With a leathered up Bugatti Veyron already under its haute belt, the car Hermès selected was this time was none other than the popular and stylish Smart Fortwo. The Hermès touch for the Fortwo covers almost the entire interior with leather, including the door panels, dashboard and of course, seats. Minor details such as the handbrake also gets the slick Hermès touch. Complementary to the leather is a special canvas known in the design world as ‘Toile H’ (which essentially means Canvas H in French) on other interior surfaces. Being French, modified, and chic, the Hermès Smart car is $48,500- almost three and a half times as much as the base $13,990 model. But hey, what does money matter for a bit of style and flair? It’ll all seem even more of a bargain when you learn that customers can choose from a range of ten color combinations, with yellow, teal, black, red, green, and Hermès’ signature orange among the list options.

Via Auto Blog Green