Dreamboat: The Mangusta 165


┬áIn terms of design, the 50-meter sports yacht boasts the Mangusta’s legendary lines and instantly recognizable almond-shaped windows.

Towering over just about anything in a resplendent harbor or anchored just offshore an exotic glamour resort, she stands out like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel in a pretty people crowd. So if you stammer or stutter when you first lay eyes upon the aggressive lines and beautiful finish of a Mangusta 165 footer, nobody’s going to blame you…because everybody else did the same.

Superyachts are sparked, stoked, and shaped by the collective dreams of naval architects, designers, builders, and owners. The resultant new ships are often impressive, groundbreaking, and downright incredible, and there are certainly more fantastic pleasure crafts plying the waters now than ever before. Yet it’s rare that those dreams coalesce into such an irresistible modern marine masterpiece that words are simply inadequate; saying the Mangusta 165 is a great boat is like saying Federico Fellini was a great film director-superlatives don’t quite cut it.

Of course, the 165 didn’t just magically pop out of the sea like some Venus on the half-shell. It’s the latest and greatest of an already high-achieving and good-looking family. Designed by Rodriguez Group and built by the Overmarine shipyard in Viareggio, Italy, Mangusta are the world’s largest and fastest Open series yachts. Since being introduced in 1986, the unrivaled speed, technology, and comfort have made them the benchmark against all other Open-types, and the 190 sold places them at the top of the commercially successful food chain as well.

The Mangusta 165 is the culmination in the evolution of the series. The biggest and baddest Open yacht ever built, it joins five other models (measured in feet): the 80, 92, 105, 108, and 130, and a 148 is projected to be delivered in 2010. Part of the line’s appeal has been the large selection of engines and transmissions on offer, ranging from 4,800 to 13,700 horsepower. Another tremendous facet is the use of Kamewa hydrojets. These thrusters enable a reduction in vibration and draft, and thereby vastly improve each yacht’s maneuverability. The 165 continues these traditions and creates a few new ones as well. The first yacht reached a speed of 40 knots during tests at sea with max soundproofing. Thus, when engines start, the noise is almost inaudible onboard, with no vibrations being felt in the almost 300-ton hull.

There’s another benefit to the hydrojets that needs to be mentioned. Since Rodriguez Group is highly aware that the dream it sells is primarily based on the beauty of holiday destinations, the firm strives to protect these delicate, increasingly vulnerable ecosystems. Thus, the systematic use of the jets in place of propellers significantly reduces the adverse impact on marine wildlife. Whereas props easily harm sea mammals, hydrojets eliminate the risk of injuring protected aquatic friends like whales and dolphins. This type of high-level thought, care, and action is what makes Rodriguez Group a pioneer in the yachting industry. It knows that being a leader is not a status but a state of mind.

In terms of design, the 50-meter sports yacht boasts the Mangusta’s legendary lines and instantly recognizable almond-shaped windows. Architect Stefano Righini achieved a delicate balance, birthing a yacht that is attractive, refined, sexy, and elegant. It confirms the experience and expertise of Rodriguez, and it’s evident their peers agree. After the first unit was delivered during the summer of 2007, the response was, well, off the hook. It was awarded coveted prizes such as the “World Yachts Trophy for Best Design 2007” in the 24-meter plus category and the “Design Prize” at the Monaco Yacht Show. It’s also nominated for a 2008 “World Superyacht Award” by the Boat International Group, in the category of “Best Semi-displacement or Planning Motor Yacht in the 40M+ Size Range.”

All around the yacht, the dimensions are impressive, as there are four spacious sun terraces, two cocktail areas, sunbathing platform, garage capable of holding a 23-foot annex, and three jet skis. Every detail has been meticulously studied, offering large, highly convivial living spaces and fittings that allow for that all-important time-alone territory. Thus, the main living room hides a wheelhouse forward, which is divided by an LCD glass window, enabling the captain great visibility when it’s clear while preserving the guests’ privacy when opaque. The living room is of a considerable size and features two separate mess rooms that can facilitate meetings for two different groups.

Similarly, the rear bridge offers a large space with a table that accommodates 10, as well as a retractable plasma screen connected to the Internet. The owner’s suite has an office and two dressing rooms, allowing him (or her) to withdraw and enjoy a private lunch on the stern-a mess room is provided with this in mind. Overall, the Mangusta 165 totals five to six suites, with three cabins for a crew of seven.

Still, out of all the wonderful things about this sport superyacht, the coolest thing might be this: when you buy a Mangusta 165, you instantly become part of the interior design team. All yachts sold by Rodriguez Group benefit from custom-made interior fittings, down to the smallest details. Wood, fabrics, marbles, carpets, faucets, onboard linen: they’re all selected in counsel with the group’s interior designers. For this purpose, the Rodriguez Group operates a showroom in Golfe Juan, on the French Riviera, which offers a bounty of choices. The first step is to determine, in partnership with the shipyard in charge of the construction (in this case Overmarine), how the inside space is to be divided. Several appointments are then booked to select everything from marbles to types of wood to faucets and lamps. Finally, the finishing touches occur with the selection of materials to be used for sofas, blinds, headboards, sunbathing areas, and even cushions. And as soon as the yachts arrive in Cannes, linen and china from reputable manufacturers are added while the interior designers supervise all the last minute touches prior to delivery. What’s more, the designers remain available throughout the boat’s life to follow up on potential restocking needs and changes you wish to make.

It’s yet another nuance that reflects the ridiculously high standards to which Rodriguez aspires. So when you purchase a Mangusta 165, you’re instantly sharing a passion in the quest for innovation with a purpose. The rewards are the pinnacle of quality and the unending allure of adventure. And, of course, whatever you dream up next.