Car of the Week: 2006 Bentley Flying Spur


With the explosion of luxury sedans over the last decade, competition for the best in class, style and quality has clearly benefited us all. And when you already have a reputation for being myopic about elegance, it certainly doesn’t hurt. In the 2006 Bentley Flying Spur, the luxury automotive connoisseur stepped up to the plate and delivered a modern, powerful and absolutely stunning luxury sedan. Encased in a smooth exterior with soft flowing lines, a 6.0 liter 552HP twin-turbo W-12 engine is ample strength for this nearly 3 ton slice of luxury. Despite the ability to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 4.8 seconds and reach top speeds of 195 mph, its 6 speed automatic transmission and continuous variable valve timing matches smoothness and stability for every ounce of power. Whether on the straightaway or managing hairpin turns, the Flying Spur offers premium automotive handling.

Bentley never shortchanges on their luxurious interiors either. Traditional touches of style including double-stitched leather, chrome vents, and simple yet elegant instruments are ever-present, but the Flying Spur also boasts 16-way power seats ready to heat, cool and massage. With one of the best-ever audio systems, Bluetooth connectivity, and the standard Breitling clock, Bentley raised its own bar dramatically from a technological perspective. And the quiet serene ride from within regardless what conditions exist outside is simply what has come to be expected from their fine luxury automobiles. In short, luxury has been redefined to not only include style and comfort but also the best in performance. Bentley has helped redefine the term. The Flying Spur is clearly not your momma’s Bentley…it is way better!

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