Boat of the Week: 2001 “Bermie” CMN 161’ Megayacht


Living the sweet life aboard a luxury yacht is truly exceptional. The ability to be surrounded by a vastness of beauty while immersed in luxurious accommodations provides the best of both worlds. Such is the experience on the 2001 “Bermie” CMN Megayacht. Not only is the decking expansive providing illustrious views and seating, but the interior also masters an open contemporary feel. A blend of teak and burr walnut flooring as well as natural fabrics create a modern feel, and Andrew Winch Designs adorns the main salon with an open-curved staircase rising from the marbled entrance. Combine these features with lavish bathrooms with full sized tubs, six suites with ensuite baths, and additional areas for storage and water toys, and you will realize the true indulgences of this wonderful yacht.

While enjoying the layout of this magnificent masterpiece, you likewise won’t be disappointed with its nautical prowess. A range of more than 4500 nautical miles allows quite the excursion; and the two Caterpillar diesel engines providing 3300 HP enable a speed of 17 knots which is impressive for such a majestic vessel. The “Bermie” sports a steel hull further showcasing its dependability designed by The “A” Group of Monaco. Certainly any adventure on the seas aboard the “Bermie” will help you appreciate the finest that life has to offer. If the time is right to add some sweetness to your life, step aboard the “Bermie” and enjoy.

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