Hold On To Your Eyes


By Sean Ballent

We’re in a time where a trip to the movies is simply out of question. Attempting to get comfortable with a giant bag of overpriced popcorn that you kill yourself for finishing is just so…2006. If you haven’t heard, this is 2008, the year of immobility. It’s not just the kids anymore who are spending too much time in front of the TV. It’s everybody!  Mom and dad have finally mastered the “record” button on the remote and grandma is sitting on her commode streaming Netflix movies directly to her MacBook Pro. The question isn’t, what movie should we see? It’s more like what unreleased movie haven’t we already illegally downloaded? If you give your season tickets away every week because you’d rather sit on your couch and watch all the games in High Definition at the same time, don’t feel guilty. Instead, be proud of yourself. You are at the forefront of the global technological renaissance.

The new era of change is reinventing the concept of “family time.” The Runco CineWall CW-95HD is the world’s first 95-inch, high definition 2.35:1 aspect ratio, in-wall display. The family can peacefully sit together and watch movies in perfect CineWide 2.35:1 aspect ratio even in a high ambient light environment. Unlike traditional rear-projection video systems, the CW-95 HD system is a completely self-contained, low profile design that can fit into the tightest spaces. For $50,000 the CW-95 HD is half the weight and price of a giant flat-screen TV of the same dimensions. Give the pizza delivery boy your garage door code so you won’t have to tell you won’t have to make your son get the door.

Via Born Rich