Luxury by Multi-tool maker Leatherman


Leatherman, the multi-tool maker beloved by geeks and do-it-yourself enthusiasts the world over, celebrates its 25th Anniversary with The Argentum Collection, a line of ultra-high-end luxury tools. The collection features hand-crafted decoration by acclaimed silversmith Adrian Pallorals, creating tools as intricately beautiful as they are practical.

 Every Argentum Collection tool is crafted at the time the order is placed.

Adding his imprint of luxury to the tradition of Leatherman quality and innovation, Pallarol’s custom designs (he is a seventh generation silversmith) are coveted around the globe. Many international stars collect his work, including Antonio Banderas, Juliette Binoche, and Pope Benedict XVI. Recently, he completed a gold and silver pen for the king of Spain. For Leatherman, Palloral employs 925 sterling silver from the Argentine Andes, and yellow gold that is a strong and vibrant alloy, designed to withstand the sands of time.

There are seven variations, split into two sizes, Charge or Squirt, and each has a distinctive design. The Charges are full-sized, complete with 15 tools: needlenose and regular pliers, wire strippers, wire and hard-wire cutters, clip-point and serrated knives, saw, large and small bit driver, large screwdriver, scissors, bottle/can opener, fixed lanyard ring, and wood/metal diamond-coated file. The four Charges are named Dorado, Acanto, Trenzada, and Espejo.

The Squirts hold 10 tools: scissors, straight knife, tweezers, nail file/cleaner, lanyard attachment, ruler, and four types of screwdrivers (extra-small, medium, flat/bottle opener, and Phillips). The three Squirts are called Firulete, No Me Olivides, and Lagrima de Luna.

The Charge Dorado is the headliner, priced at $40,000. It takes its name from Argentina’s golden “tiger of the river” fish, whose mood, hunting voracity, sharp teeth, and iron jaws stamp it as one of the ultimate fighters in sport fishing. As tribute, the Dorado’s 18-karat gold handles features Pallarol’s artwork around Tim Leatherman’s signature. The other six also carry a distinctive Argentine inspiration.

Every Argentum Collection tool is crafted at the time the order is placed. It takes approximately 10 to 12 weeks for it to arrive at Leatherman, and an additional week for Leatherman to process and deliver the tool, which will arrive in a premium display case, alongside a sheath and certificate of authenticity. Each tool is covered by the 25-year Leatherman warranty, and the craftwork is covered by Pallarol’s lifetime guarantee.