Internationally recognized architect, designer, and glassblower Jeffrey Beers has teamed up with tequila maker Don Julio Gonzalez to create the perfect and choice drinking cup designed to help clients fully enjoy Don Julio’s famed tequila. Beers has created a fine crystal tequila snifter glass to match the superior taste of Tequila Don Julio, the world’s first ultra-premium tequila. Beginning this fall, the limited edition cups will be sold in sets of two at a suggested retail price of $350.

Each snifter is individually blown and hand cut by Czech glass masters using only the finest European crystal. Every aspect of the celebrated tequila drink was taken into consideration when designing these glasses. Every design, shape, and cut culminates into a drinking glass that will enhance and reflect the dedication and quality that goes into each drop of tequila.

Don Julio Gonzalez has retained an international audience due to his high-quality, tasteful tequila concoctions. Presently, Tequila Don Julio is the most popular selling luxury tequila in Mexico, fitting for a place where tequila remains the national drink of choice.