Vodka Maker Dinner


It’s no stretch of the imagination to pair wonderful wines and food…but imagine outstanding Russian vodka reinvented for every course. ZYR, the Russian vodka that has won the triple crown of spirits awards, is striving to put vodka-tasting dinners on the map. ZYR founder David Katz consistently hosts a select group of Miami tastemakers at elite and exclusive Vodka Maker dinners. These dinners take place for in some of the best restaurants throughout South Florida. On Thursday, June 19, ZYR Vodka will pair with Coral Gables-based Ortanique on the Mile for a special Vodka Maker dinner that will combine spiced, infused, creative cocktails with Chef Cindy Hutson’s renowned Sun Cuisine.

Chef Cindy Hutson will engage guests with her fresh, exotic flavors, perfectly coupled with the celebrated drink of the evening. $85 will get guests a full meal complete with drinks; reservations are a must to attend.


Hawaiian Kampachi Ceviche Spoons
Marinated with Zyr Gimlet, Fresh Ginger Juice & Avocado

Corn Meal Encrusted Fried Oysters
On a Cool Chop Salad with Buttermilk Blue Dressing

Potato Leek Bisque
In a Baked Potato Cup with Crème Fraîche and Osetra Caviar

Pan Roasted Florida Red Snapper
With Fresh Grated Creamy Horseradish Polenta in a
Roosta’s Bloody Mary Nage

Crispy Roasted Stuffed Quail
With Cranberry-Almond Mofongo in Hibiscus Flower Glaze

Espresso Gelato
In a Zyr Chocolatini Parfait

Reservations Call 305.446.7710