Step it Up a Knot with Pershing 80’


Synonymous with luxury, private yachts symbolize exclusivity, wealth, power, and prestige. For those opulent individuals who seek both adventure and solace without sacrificing comfort and elegance, Pershing Yachts promises its clients only the very best with the Pershing 80′, offering vessels with the most spacious of cockpits, along with two powerful 2,030 mhp MTU engines and 15L surface propellers to maximize and guarantee a speed of 40 knots. The faster Pershing models, however, promise speeds of up to 50 knots with their 2,435 mhp MTU engines.

With a hefty price tag of $6.8 million, the regal 80-foot yachts are sure to make a splash with their summer 2008 debut. Monaco International will unveil the Pershing yachts to the world during what promises to be an extravagant boat show.

Via BornRich