A Fine Drink Deserves Brilliant Ice


No longer for mere hydration, bottled water is beginning to create its own class of aficionados. Those who once scoffed at the possibilities of water bars and water tastings are starting to change their tune as a new luxury-class of bottled water has emerged and these products are quickly claiming new fans. Parallels with the wine industry are unavoidable, and similar to the spirit as water is categorized primarily by source. For example, Berg is a brand of water that, as the name suggests, is collected from icebergs off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The claim is that this 15,000-year-old water comes from a time when there were less atmospheric pollutants.

Similarly, Tasmanian Rain is bottled close to the World Meteorological Organization, which consistently holds the record of the world’s purest air. However rather than using springs or icebergs, Tasmanian Rain is collected from raindrops before they hit the ground. Additionally, the company responsible for Tasmanian Rain has partnered with Elementree, an organization that plants trees based on water shipments and carbon emissions.

Evidently, the source is not the only aspect that differentiates the varietals. Company politics and policy, bottle design, and fashion are heavily utilized within the industry. Take Veen and Aquadeco. Both of these brands received accolades for their striking bottle designs. Although in terms of unabashed luxury, Bling H2O is the clear winner. Their bottles are decorated with Swarovski crystals and retail for nearly $40 per bottle.

Via Forbes Traveler