Matthew McConaughey Finally Purchases Property


If you’ve lately gotten the feeling that frequently bare-chested romantic comedy actor Matthew McConaughey has appeared a little, well, homeless, it may not just be your imagination. It seems that McConaughey has been living the real estate-less life in California since 2006 when he sold off his three-lot Hollywood Hills compound. Since then, he has spent most of his time in a couple of Airstream trailers in Malibu. Sure, these trailers can run you up to $240,000 (depending on size and amenities), but come on Matthew, a trailer???

He also still owns a 1.600-acre ranch in Texas. But last fall, McConaughey, who recently announced that his model girlfriend Camilla Alves is pregnant with their child, purchased a $10 million property in Malibu. The property is just over an acre in size and includes a four-bedroom home that was built in 1949. Construction has begun on the home, expanding the original structure, which is located on the deep lot just a few houses away from the ocean. At least baby McConaughey won’t be raised in a trailer, which is probably more than can be said for the Federline-Spears klan.

Via Luxist