Vita… Live It: VITA Luxury Membership Society


 Helicopters, chauffeured Bentleys, scheduled Gulfstream Jets around the U.S. and luxury suites in 5-star resorts, plus a concierge service second to none

Welcome to VITA’s uncompromising world of luxury. Are you ready to live it? To really live it? Have you had a taste of the great life, and now want it all… forever? And, this time around, mind you, you’d prefer to have the great life dished out in unlimited sumptuous servings? Do you want to be the one that can gain access for you and yours to what was once only a lifestyle the fortunate few could afford? We know the answer is yes. We know you’re ready, and so is VITA.

In order to realize your dreams, VITA blended numerous existing lifestyle concepts into a tastefully simple hybrid, the VITA Luxury Membership Society. This innovative concept functions much like your gym membership. Members pay a one-time activation fee and then a daily membership fee to gain access to all of what VITA has to offer. VITA does not require long term commitments or deposits. With VITA you pay as you enjoy a life of comfort and luxury, and are free to put your membership on standby at any time, or to leave, should the notion arise.

Now, as you sit here reading this, you might already be feeling how great it will be to be a member of VITA. When you physically experience a stay at one of VITA’s great estates, you will know the promise they deliver is second to none. You will be amazed when you find out just how much value VITA offers it members. For example, the private fleet of Lear Jets is on standby, only for member charter, at just $1500 per flight hour on average.

The luxury yachts and exotic automobiles (Ferraris and Lamborghinis) are yours to use at the cost of fuel. Everything is available for you to use with no usage fees (that’s covered by the daily membership fee, which is billed in arrears-brilliant!). Oh, last but not least: Helicopters, chauffeured Bentleys, scheduled Gulfstream Jets around the U.S. and luxury suites in 5-star resorts, plus a concierge service second to none-need we say more?

Now, imagine yourself sitting by the pool at VITA’s Star Island, Miami Beach, estate. It is a crystal clear, blue sky day. The sun is bathing you in warmth and you’re holding a cold drink. The concierge has just informed you that the Bentley will shortly be taking your wife for her shopping trip to South Beach, a few minutes before you step aboard our sport fishing yacht, for a chance at hooking a sailfish out in the Gulfstream.

With drink in hand, you are probably wondering how life got to be so good. With VITA, of course!

VITA’s Personal Lifestyle Architects are pleased to assist you in realizing your dreams with a VITA membership. You can relax about the cost because our memberships are tiered for whatever your travel needs may be. Visit for more details and contact information.

Experience shows that this is the only way to travel.