The everyday life of legend Karl Lagerfeld

Haute Living readers are already well versed in the legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld (and, of course Chanel’s Mobile Art Container, which was covered in the most recent issue of Haute Living Florida), so an insightful story and interview with Rodolphe Marconi, the filmmaker whose movie “Lagerfeld Confidential” was released December 14, courtesy of Emili Vesilind from the Los Angeles Times Service, should come as a welcome surprise to our most fashion-conscious readers.

The 89-minute film, which is more a passive recording of Lagerfeld’s day-to-day dealings than an in-depth muckraking documentary, showcases Lagerfeld’s compulsive creativity, the impetus for many of Lagerfeld’s fashion ideas that have blossomed into full-blown trends.  Generally shown in solitude, the 74-year-old Lagerfeld is brought to moviegoers in an intimate setting, where he is stripped down to his very essence for all to enjoy.

The interview itself is introspective, allowing for a better understanding of Marconi’s laissez-faire approach – which ultimately, it seems, proves successful in its purpose:

To show one of the world’s most impressive fashion icons as a typical hardworking professional.

Via Los Angeles Times