Shaq: I spend $875,000 a month

How does the Diesel dole out his dollars?

Shaquille O’Neal, the Miami Heat center and a certain future Hall of Famer, indicated in court papers during his divorce proceedings that his $20 million annual salary (and endless endorsement dollars) gets used up pretty quickly, with a list of expenses that are, to say the least, eye-opening.

The 7’1” NBA legend, whose NBA pay and business investments equates to $1.8 million per month, spends an astounding $875,000 per month on a variety of luxuries, including the following, according to The Miami Herald: $110,505 on monthly vacations; $60,417 on gifts; $23,950 on clothes, dry cleaning and laundry; $46,500 on child care; $24,300 on gas and oil for four vehicles; $12,775 on food; and $468,345 on three home mortgages. On top of that, O’Neal pays nearly $500,000 a month in income taxes.

O’Neal, who is currently slumping through the worst season of his career (the Heat is 8-33 and almost assured of missing the playoffs for the first time in Shaquille O’Neal’s tenure with the team) is also slumping through a messy divorce with his wife, with a significant amount of finger-pointing and assumed deception only adding more fuel to the fire.

Nonetheless, the always classy O’Neal has refused to discuss his personal matters with the media.

Via The Miami Herald