Scalping a good meal?

Any sports fan surely knows the drill: The big game is coming up this weekend, and anyone who is anyone will be there. Those front row, 50-yard-line seats have a face value of $200, but they’re sold out. Still, you know that you MUST have them – nothing will step in your way.

Finally, you get a hold of one of the most reviled men in all of sports – the scalper. He may be a grimy individual, but he can do what nobody else can: Get you tickets.

And so it is, that finally, after all that work, you have those tickets, rightfully in your hands.  The catch? They cost you about $1,000 each.

Such is the way of supply and demand. Call it unfair or unethical, but the idea is a good one.  And it doesn’t ONLY have to apply to sports.

Which is why TableXchange was created. With more than 1,000 members catering to areas such as New York, San Francisco, and the Hamptons, TableXchange allows the client in need to land reservations at any of the hottest restaurants around – all for a small fee. One example, Jean Georges, requires a $25 fee to land you a table on a busy Friday night.

OK, it isn’t the markup that you’d expect for, say, Hannah Montana tickets, but then again, isn’t that a good thing?

Via Luxist