Sales begin for Chicago Spire

The Haute Blog has kept its hand close to the pulse of several markets lately, including Miami, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Aspen, and London, but we couldn’t help but notice that this one really caught our attention.

The Chicago Spire – a 2,000-foot-tall residential building, which, once completed, will stand as North America’s tallest free-standing structure and the world’s tallest all-residential building – is now on the market, unit by unit, according to CBS 2 in Chicago. The developers put the condos on sale Monday.

With prices ranging per unit from $750,000 to $15 million (which comes out to around $750 to $1,000 per square foot, well below what one would expect to pay in markets such as New York or London), The Chicago Spire brings more than just height, too. The spire holds 1,200 units, and, with 600 appointments scheduled, don’t expect them to last long – even though the planned move-in date isn’t scheduled until 2012.

Via Luxist