Luxury at its finest in … Knoxville?

Sure, Knoxville is home to many a colonel, as well as national championship-winning quarterback Tee Martin (and, we guess, that other quarterback … what’s his name? Peyton Manning?) so maybe those southerners do know a thing or two about luxury.

Which all makes perfect sense, since The Metropolitan Plaza, a multiuse development set to be completed in a couple years (they say Fall 2010), is on the horizon for Knoxville. With 200 hotel rooms, as well as 32 condo units, this 15-story tower will be attached to an additional seven- or eight-story tower planned for office use. The towers would also be linked to a nearby convention center.

Commercial & Investment Properties, a Knoxville-based company, will be spearheading this unique (both in scope and in market) project, which is said to cost around $78 million, or about $15 million cheaper than the London home that recently broke the record for most expensive home sale.

The building will be placed in the old location of the Supreme Court Building, and the proposal beat out two other plans for the spot.

Via Luxist