Dedicated Diamonds with High-end jewelry designer Luis Felipe Perez


 “The attention—from start to finish—that I offer, my competitors cannot offer.”

In a world where everything is mass-produced for mass appeal, individuality is going by the wayside. Even when it comes to luxurious jewelry, the well-known houses have outposts in virtually every corner of the globe, making it just as easy to find a signature piece in New York as say, in Hong Kong. While we are not knocking the appeal of being able to find luxurious offerings everywhere we go, sometimes it’s better to covet something made just for you.

High-end jewelry designer Luis Felipe Perez is able to provide the antithesis of mass appeal with Luis Felipe Collection, which is available by appointment only. For three years, Perez has been designing one of a kind jewelry for high-end design company Lucky Star Diamonds. Perez’s unique approach to jewelry-making has resulted in a long list of very satisfied private clients who are constantly impressed by his commitment to designing exclusive pieces that reflect the wearer’s exquisite tastes.

Perez’s creative process starts with a private one-on-one consultation, done either at the Lucky Star Diamonds office or in the comfort of the client’s home. Under Perez’s guidance, the client determines the direction of the piece, which Perez hand-draws to fully realize the ideal design. Lucky Star Diamonds provides its clients with an array of gemstones to choose from, including stunning emeralds, sapphires, rubies, diamonds, and other birthstones. They can craft anything, from bracelets and earrings to rings and necklaces.

Made with impeccable metals and flawless stones, each piece of jewelry is fashioned to meet every detail of a client’s vision. Then, within 45 days of conception, the piece is complete and impeccable.

Perez prides himself on the specialized service that he offers to each client. “The attention—from start to finish—that I offer, my competitors cannot offer,” he declares. In virtually no other store is someone available to dictate every design aspect of his or her jewelry, setting Perez apart from the rest. The recipient can rest assured that he or she will never see someone with the same engagement ring or diamond pendant.

Perez’s dedication to his client’s wishes, coupled with high-quality gems, transforms an ordinary necklace into something unique and unforgettable. While the average diamond necklace sells for $300,000 (price depends on design and size,) a piece from the Luis Felipe collection is irreplaceable—you can’t put a price on that.