Chanel to target Frances Bean Cobain?

There are rumblings going around the fashion industry that Chanel has targeted a not-so-typical 15-year-old as the face of its 2008 campaign. (We know, we know: What kind of 15-year-old who becomes the face of a Chanel campaign could be considered “typical?”)

Frances Bean Cobain (take a second for that to register), the daughter of actress/rocker Courtney Love and late great grunge god Kurt Cobain, may be just 15 years old, but it appears she has accepted an offer to become the newest spokesmodel for the French fashion company.

Accoding to the Catwalk Queen’s blog, “Frances, who recently denied dating Jack Osborne (yet another rock-star progeny), is reported to be ‘overwhelmed’ by the prospect but also looks forward to ‘what the Chanel experience has to offer.’”

Frances might not have the typical model look, but her striking blue eyes and youthful appearance are good signs that Chanel has found the perfect canvas with which to display their art.

Via The Catwalk Queen