America’s most lucrative neighborhoods

If you checked out our recent entry on the most expensive cities in the world, you’d be well-versed in the fact that London, Moscow, and New York City are among the swankest of all.

But cities and neighborhoods are two different beasts, indeed. And, to give further proof, Forbes has released a list of the most expensive neighborhoods in the United States, and let’s just say the list is a little surprising.

And, while New York, Los Angeles, and Miami are all represented on the list, the headliners are somewhat surprising: Charlestown (Boston), Minneapolis, Atlanta, Detroit, and Chicago, among them.

The list was compiled based on price growth since 1990, as well as 2006 median home sale price. On the list, Los Angeles (Ohio and Westgate Avenues) led the way with a median home sale price in excess of $2 million. Meanwhile, New York (Riverside Drive and 149th Street) has experienced 4,391 percent growth since 1990, a figure that dwarfs all competitors.

Check out the link to Forbes for the complete list!

Via Forbes