$100,000 rocketpack (helmet not included)

Cliff Secord, eat your heart out.

Time was, you needed to be a comic book superhero (or, in the case of Family Guy, Michael Eisner and Bill Gates) to be able to fly around in a jetpack, laughing at the masses below.

But now, thanks to Thunderbolt Aerosystems, those days are no longer. The ThunderPack, created by Carmelo Nino Amarena, brings 75 seconds of unadulterated flight time, thanks to an ingenius design that Amarena admits is based on the 1950s-style hydrogen peroxide-powered jetpacks.

According to Born Rich, “The ThunderPack has been tested to offer 75 seconds of flight time. If you think the flight time is too [short], lemme tell you that it’s much more than being offered by Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana and Jetpack International.”

Of course, the pack won’t come cheap. Though an exact price has not been released, Born Rich reports that “the market price for the dual-fuel Thunderpack is expected to be in the $100,000 range, with the high test peroxide model selling for $90,000.”

Via Born Rich