Forbes reveals U.K.’s most expensive postcodes

If you live in Britain’s postcode SW3, give yourself a little pat on the back.

Residents of this postcode officially (according to Forbes) hold the distinction of living in Britain’s most expensive postcode, with an average (not median) home sale price of approximately $4 million.

Not that SW3, located between Chelsea and Brompton, was alone; all of the top five most expensive postcodes hold average home sale prices of above $3.5 million. All five of the areas are located extremely close to the capital, London. In fact, London is a fast-growing haven for the rich, both domestically and internationally. London has 19 billionaires in all, including 11 native countrymen. It is also quickly becoming a destination for second homes for the wealthy.

SW1X (in Knightsbridge), SW1W (Belgravia), W8 (Kensington), and NW8 (St. John’s Wood) were the remaining top-five entries.

The farther from London, the less expensive, and no example rings more true than KT22 (Leatherhead), where the average home sale price rang in at about $900,000.

Via Forbes