Forbes lists world’s most frugal billionaires

Just cuz they’re worth billions doesn’t mean they act like it.

Forbes has unearthed a list of more than 30 of the world’s richest people whose miserly ways are documented, and in many cases, celebrated by the head honchos themselves!

Jim Walton, the son of WalMart founder Sam Walton, reportedly eschews fancy cars for more reliable pickup trucks – his 15-year-old Dodge Dakota stands in stark contrast with his estimated $16.4-billion fortune.

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of Ikea, decorates his home with … Ikea! And, other than the occasional fish roe treat, Kamprad is a noted spendthrift, driving a 1993 Volvo. Not to be outdone, John Cauldwell of the Cauldwell Group, despite personal wealth in excess of $2.2 billion, cuts his own hair. (And here we were thinking that was Bill Gates!)

Forbes’ quirky list also features the king of them all, Warren Buffet, who, despite a net worth far past $50 billion, lives in the home he purchased 50 years ago – for $31,500.

And who thought money said it all?

Via Forbes