A gold pill that … well, just read on

From Tobias Wong, the man who brought us the $2,000 CITIZEN:Citizen’s ccPhone (essentially an extremely-limited edition iPhone – 50 to be exact – in black matte finish with custom screen artwork and icons, as well as a few other extra-special additions), and JuSt Another Rich Kid, who, as far as we know, is making his debut in the “unique” luxury-goods market (although his name sounds either like a rapper or a Jamie Kennedy character), comes the Gold Pill, which, for “just” $425, can make your, um, “waste” a little more sparkly.

Using a gold-dipped pill filled with 24-karat gold leaf (the same kind used for artful additions to cakes), customers can supposedly prove just how stinking rich they are every time they show that their No. 2s are No. 1!

Dvice.com says, “This is either genius social commentary or a brilliant way to bilk rich people out of their money.”  We couldn’t agree more.

Via dvice