Newson’s Record


Marc Newson is an Australian-born modernist pioneer of design who was named one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” back in 2005. In the here and now, Newson is making headlines again. Well, if you are an avid reader, of Haute Living, you will recall our mention of Marc Newson’s Lockhead Lounge Chaise in our Jan/Feb issue this year. And hopefully you were paying an ounce of attention because low and behold, Christies will be auctioning off this stellar modern beauty, which is now estimated to be worth a whopping $2.4 million. This is setting all kinds of records, but most notably as the most expensive piece to ever be auctioned off by a living designer. Of course this is with exception to Newson himself, whose own 1986 Pod of Drawers cabinet sold for a cool $1.5 million in May and before that, one of his chaise lounges that sold for $968,000 last June. Hopefully by now we can start to catch the drift that this is one hot designer. So move quickly if you want to be the lucky chap to bring home the gold- or should we say, silver.

Via Born Rich