New Home for TomKat


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have decided to move to their growing family to a new Beverly Hills home. Apparently, the 7,000 square foot home was not up to the controversial couple’s liking. According to a source in Us Weekly magazine, the couple was unhappy with not only the 80-year-old home’s interior, but also the layout was extremely unusual – this coming from the man that jumped on Oprah’s couch. Suri’s, the couple’s daughter, room was connected to Katie’s closet; peculiar, indeed. One source reported to Us Weekly their surprise that the couple would even live there. Even though the home was not up to TomKat’s standards, they’re hoping that someone will be willing to pay no less than $100,000 per month to live in the home. While many of Tom Cruise’s actions have been questionable, his decision to move from his current home is no where near as shocking as his lashing out at Brooke Shields or Matt Lauer.

Via Celebrity Home Blog