Upgraded Lounges


For all our World travelers here’s an interesting tidbit: the newest luxury trend is developing in airport lounges. Airlines are starting to accept the fact that flying has become more of a hassle than it used to be. With the never-ending security lines, last minute delays, and the unfortunate lost luggages …

Airlines have recognized that they should provide more luxury to their first class and business travelers, as a way to give them their money’s worth.

The solution: build more luxurious airport lounges with more luxurious amenities.

Skytrax, a London-based air transport research company ranked the world’s top ten airport lounges:

Virgin Atlantic topped the list with its Heathrow Airport Clubhouse lounge, a lounge that offers a bar, Bumble & Bumble hair salon, a spa, projection screen for viewing pleasures, daybeds and loungers, as well as several dining options to fit each travelers’ culinary tastes.

Second to the list is Cathay Pacific’s lounge in the Hong Kong International Airport, where travelers can savor fresh meals from the Noodle Bar.

And rounding off the top three list is Qatar Airways’s lounge in the Doha International Airport, part of a $90 million terminal that was completed in 2006, the lounge provides fine-dining with table service, shower rooms, Playstations and internet access.

The U.S was not up to par and did not make it on the top 10 list, but Syntrax reported that some U.S airlines as American, Delta and United are in the process of upgrading their lounges…Until then, rest assured that internationally there are plenty of lounges waiting to serve you!

Via Forbes