The Vivacious Villas: Villazzo

Recreating the standard for luxury and lifestyle, Villazzo has introduced a new hotel standard throughout many of the finest locations in the world, transforming vacant villas into the ultimate private hotel.

By Elisa Brinkworth


 In addition to the peerless luxury of the Villas, Villazzo offers a range of luxurious products and services that traditionally are found in top-end boutique hotels.

Founded in 2002, Villazzo was established by Christian Jagodzinski, who accomplished his goal of incorporating the best of both worlds by delivering the five-star hotel experience to the privacy of one’s own home, recreating the art of vacationing in some of the most desirable locations worldwide. With VillaHotels in St. Tropez, Miami, Marbella and Aspen, Villazzo’s objective is to provide the ultimate holiday experience, with the luxury accommodations, service, consistency and satisfaction of a five-star hotel within the walls of your vacation home.

Designed with three key elements in mind, Villazzo incorporates extraordinary properties, outstanding amenities and exceptional service to provide guests with a truly memorable experience. With each VillaHotel carefully chosen to meet particular criteria, a team of experts incorporates all aspects of location, style, character, furnishings and equipment before adopting it to the Villazzo portfolio.

“Every Villa is very unique, incorporating the styles and cultures which it surrounds,” says Steven Taylor, marketing director of Villazzo. “For example, VillaHotel Contenta in Miami emulates a palatial, Spanish-style residence dressed in elegant French-designer décor, while VillaHotel Flamingo in Marbella is perched high in the mountains overlooking the Mediterranean with soaring ceilings and Mediterranean-themed décor.”

In addition to the peerless luxury of the Villas, Villazzo offers a range of luxurious products and services that traditionally are found in top-end boutique hotels. Fine linens, luxurious BVLGARI bath products, personalized Villazzo bathrobes, cappuccino makers, temperature-controlled wine storage, laundry and housekeeping services are among an endless list of services to ensure that guests enjoy a sumptuous, restful vacation.

With its highly trained staff of housekeepers, butlers, chefs, waiters, chauffeurs and personal concierge, these magnificent villas provide guests with a level of service comparable to an elite hotel. With each villa featuring state-of-the-art technology that includes DVD players; Dolby 5.1 home theater systems, business-class hotel phone systems including data ports, speak and teleconferencing capabilities; WiFi broadband Internet access; multimedia PCs or laptops, an extensive music selection linked to the home entertainment system, and state-of-the-art security systems, Villazzo’s primary focus is for guests to feel as if they were vacationing at home.

“Our concept is very unique. Our objective is to simulate the ultimate luxurious experience in the privacy of your own home,” says Taylor. “We provided a solution by combining the best of both worlds: exceptional private residences providing guests with a level of service comparable to five-star resorts.”

With 11 properties in four locations throughout the United States and Europe, Villazzo envisions future offices throughout the most desirable locations worldwide, creating an international brand of these superbly outfitted, ultra-luxurious rental estates.