Amazing Ama Lur


Restaurant Ama Lur, Basque for “MOTHER EARTH,” located near the village of Santa Gertrudis, on the magical island of Ibiza has hosted the best of the best. The best food, the best crowds with an A-LIST clientele unlike any other place in Ibiza. From the Royal family and Spanish society to the international jet-set, Ama Lur, has been around since July 11, 1981, and in its 25 years has not lost its prestige and admiration from its patrons generation after generation as it has been voted year after year the BEST OF IBIZA. The owners, Juan Felix Inurrita and Emilio Zurbano opened Ama Lur because of their passion for the art of cuisine and not just any cuisine, but specifically that of the Basque Country which is known for its excellent cuisine worldwide.

Felix born in San Sebastian, a city located in the North of Spain and as already said, well known for its culinary tradition, moved to Ibiza and realized the need for a Basque restaurant on Island therefore decided to open Ama Lur, a charming country restaurant with elegance and style similar to that found on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. For jet-setters tired of just going to Nantucket fly to Ibiza to try Ama Lur! Make sure you book well in advance or just say you are a reader of Haute Living and perhaps then Felix can make a place for you…

Ama Lur Restaurante
San Miguel Road, KM 2,300, Ibiza.
T. +34 971 31 45 54