Beam Me Up : BMW Designworks USA

BMW Designworks USA takes off

By Kristelle Devieux


 All the rooms and amenities in the aircraft were specifically laid out to invite the eye to travel “beyond the immediate environment.”  

Those in the know are aware that the official term for a BMW motorcycle is a Beamer, and a BMW motorcar is a Bimmer. The question plaguing BMW enthusiasts is what to call the new Boeing 787 designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA.

Regardless of the terminology, we can rest assured that this will be the ultimate aircraft for personal travel, should it ever be made. Being that custom jumbo-size jets are the latest craze for the über rich, it seems that it won’t be long before this concept literally takes off.

The design came to light after Boeing Business Jets challenged DesignworksUSA to commission an innovative conceptual interior for the Boeing 787 aircraft for an affluent Russian client in his mid-thirties. DesignworksUSA not only stepped up to the plate and delivered, but dazzled with their final product.

The imaginative team at DesignworksUSA articulated every intricate detail involved in the life of this Russian tycoon to ensure that the client’s core necessities would be available in the aircraft. The main goal of the design was “to be able to go anywhere from anywhere.” This, combined with the possibility to create a truly inspirational space, gave the team a vision for the final design. All the rooms and amenities in the aircraft were specifically laid out to invite the eye to travel “beyond the immediate environment.” Upon entering the main level, guests are free to enjoy a cocktail at the bar while gazing through the transparent floor to vehicles stowed below. This is based on a vertical architecture experience that allows for a seamless air-to-ground experience, in hopes the client will enjoy landing in the plane and hopping right into his BMW to drive to his primary dom (the equivalent of home in Russian).

The interior is created with semi-translucent walls and residential-style furnishings, allowing for a seamless living environment. While guests enjoy cocktails at the bar, the owner can whip up a masterpiece in the gourmet kitchen, all while keeping an eye on the festivities. This trend continues as the group moves to the upper theater, which is complete with stunning waterfall floors and walls, and an oversize screen that spans two levels. The owner, ever a businessman, is able to keep connected through his technologically advanced office, all while being aware of his guest’s movements. At the end of the evening, the tycoon can retreat to his master suite on the second level, complete with a king size bed, walk-in closet, and full bath.

Guests return to the lower level, which houses a guest suite with two bedrooms, as well as an exercise room, spa, and sauna. With this innovative design, DesignworksUSA demonstrated the ability to transfer diverse creativity and unique, collective knowledge from various industries. In the end, Boeing Business Jets selected DesignworksUSA for their design excellence, style, and proven success.