La Dolce Vita with The Cipriani family heads to Miami Beach


Giuseppe embraces the need to improve service in South Florida. His grandfather’s personal motto was, “To serve others as you would want to be served yourself.” His vision of luxury and refinement came to touch souls from all over the world. This team has poured their collective effort and hard work to create a property that is sure to transform Miami Beach into a destination for only the most discerning travelers. Furthermore, in an era when the Ritz Carlton’s of the world can no longer take pride in their service because most have gone mainstream, the new Cipriani Ocean Resort and Club Residences promises to be the answer for the much hoped for-and longed for-service, style, and sophistication in South Florida. The Cipriani Ocean Resort and Club Residences is for “those seeking the ultimate in everyday life,” as their campaign slogan states. The project will entail 209 hotel suites, 66 club residences ranging from one to three bedrooms, to penthouses and townhouses, all in the middle of famed Miami Beach. The property sits on 600 feet of prime oceanfront real estate, claiming 3.3 acres of land.

I am sure we will see Giuseppe continue to touch the souls of people everywhere, as his grandfather did. When I asked him what is next, as mentioned before, he laughingly responded, whispering, “It is a secret.” So for now, those who want to own the best of the best for a price tag between $1.5 million and $21 million can! The property will have three swimming pools, a grand ballroom, a signature Cipriani restaurant, as well as a state of the art spa and fitness facility. Each unit will be designer ready, and include top of the line appliances, such as Miele multi-function ovens, coffeemaker and dishwasher, and Subzero refrigerator and wine cooler. The project’s estimated delivery is mid 2009.

Veronica Cervera, director of marketing and sales for the Cipriani Club Residences, knows the project is destined for greatness. “The Cipriani Ocean Resort and Club Residences South Beach is going to be a great success… The Cipriani family has a perfect record for service, luxury, and quality. [Giuseppe Cipriani’s] family knows how to deliver something that is disappearing in today’s world: elegance, quality, and service-the old world service that people were trained to give.” Veronica Cervera has worked with Ugo since the inception of the CMC Group, and says, “[Ugo Colombo] is a legacy in Miami and known for quality, luxury, and the best product. He is our top local brand for luxury living, and in an international city like Miami, people look for the best.”

Giuseppe follows a great piece of advice he inherited from his grandfather, “Never take yourself too seriously and laugh. Be positive.” Giuseppe’s attitude is the right one to have. From New York to Miami, Cipriani is revitalizing the old, breathing new life into what once were the best and most elegant locations. His ability to pump new positive energy to a project is a gift, and it is a reward for Miami to have the Cipriani Ocean Resort and Club Residences. Thank you Ugo, Giuseppe, and Len O’Donnell of the Patrinely Group, LLC!

As the city struggles to define itself- is it a spring break hotspot or an international playground for the rich and famous?-Cipriani Beach Resort and Club Residences comes in and answers the question: Without a doubt, South Beach is cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and elegant. It is about time that the city has a residence that is the same.