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  • NAME Michelle Won
  • BIO Michelle Won is a writer and journalist who has worked on both coasts covering food, fashion and nightlife. She started her career doing entertainment and food reporting at a Los Angeles cable station, and brought her love of all things delicious and fabulous to Manhattan in 2007. In addition to journalism, Won is also an adjunct lecturer at CUNY Queens. Won graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in political science and master’s degree in communication.

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Winter Wonderland: The Top 5 Ways to Play in the Snow in New York City

The many bouts of snow got you down? Well, because New Yorkers are so ready and willing to traipse through the snow, our city has got quite a few warm-up options to offer. Be it a fabulous cup of hot cocoa, a relaxing and warm spa treatment, or a great gym class to get you all sweaty, it’s easy to get rid of the winter blues. Here are our top picks to keep you toasty this winter season.