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EPIC Hotel Celebrates Earth Day with the “Art of Sustainability” Event

This Friday, April 23, EPIC Hotel will host the continually popular EPIC Wine Hour Presents series with the featured event “Art of Sustainability.” Hotel guests will gather on the 16th floor at the hotel’s world-renowned Area 31 restaurant where they will enjoy recommended eating and dining tips from the Executive Chef, John Critchley. He will advise guests with proper places to purchase organic fish and produce while demonstrating his talents by preparing his exclusive TRU Earth Martini. Read More


Robert Mondavi Winery and Napa Valley Opera House Present the 41st Summer Concert Series

Robert Mondavi Winery is the epitome of time-honored traditions, thanks to the late Robert Mondavi and his wife Margrit’s dedicated patronage to the arts and culture of Napa Valley. The revered winery, along with the Napa Valley Opera House, will be hosting one of the summer’s most anticipated events, the 2010 Summer Concert Series, which will kick off July 3, marking an unofficial start to summer. Read More


RNR Restaurant Review

RNR Restaurant, opening up on the corner of trendy and trendier in Old Town Scottsdale, touts the idea of being a “neighborhood hangout” for Old Town scenesters. And while the place is fantastic, “neighborhood hangout” isn’t quite the feeling the patron gets while eating in this eye-catching new venue. Read More

This Week’s Top 10 Most Expensive Toys

Here at Haute Living we like to scour the internet to find products and services that appeal to your luxury lifestyle needs. Thanks to Jameslist.com we came up with a list of the Top 10 must-have items for the week. With many categories to choose from, we managed to combine them to give you a diverse set of options ranging from cars to yachts and watches to jets. Sit back, relax, and enjoy, who knows you might end up with one of these items right in your driveway, on your wrist, in your dock...you get the point. Read More


Long Island’s Mega Mansions Flourish

The money is flowing in New York’s Long Island burrow and dozens of extravagant mansions are popping up all around the area to prove it. A recent New York Times article dug into the current real estate projects that are making Kings Point on the North Shore of the island the “it” place to be building right now. Ranging from $4 million to $10 million and above to build, these lavish homes show no mercy when it comes to their construction. Read More


All in the Family: House of Creed Celebrates 250 Years by Celebrating Its VIP Clientele

One’s personal connection to perfume is an intangible love affair--difficult to describe, and even more difficult to understand. Not if you’re the privately held luxury fragrance dynasty Creed, however, which has remained beloved by many of the world’s most influential people since 1760. As its 250th anniversary approaches, the House of Creed is marking the event in a typically creative and loyal way—signature traits of the dynasty that have allowed it to flourish for centuries despite corporate takeovers, miserable economies, and short attention spans. Read More


Music Exec Selling His Upper East Side Mansion

A pricey mansion just came on the market on the Upper East Side. It looks like Lyor Cohen--you might recall him as Russell Simmons former right-hand man and current CEO of Recorded Music at the Warner Music Group--is ready for something new. The lavish digs that have recently been redone are located off of 5th Avenue, and priced at $28,000,000. Read More


Crown Jewel of San Francisco Available

Let’s face it, we all love to see how our neighbors live. I believe it is a part of our human curiosity. It is especially interesting when those neighbors are our wealthy counterparts with magnificent dwellings in some of the most posh areas of town. Luckily, there has been a listing posted in none of other than the ultra-luxe 2006 Washington building in San Francisco. We figured we’d share the features for curiosity’s sake. Read More


Launch Party at Armani: A Bash Behind the Ball

Last month Haute Living reported on the entertainment roster for the 2010 Black and White Ball and mentioned the pre-pre party at The Bentley Reserve. With a little more than a month until San Francisco’s hautest ball, the city is all a buzz and ready to pre-party again, this time with The Bash Beyond the Ball. Read More

Aqualillies Whets Your Appetite for Old Hollywood

While surveying a poolside party scene one night, choreographer Mesha Kussman got the inspiration for Aqualillies, a synchronized swimming performance group with the playful flair of old Hollywood. Kussman, who hails from New York City’s downtown theatre scene (she studied experimental theatre and conceptualized dance), recognized that L.A. was more of an event-sitting audience (think fashion shows and red carpet) and that the pool was an opportunity for a different take on entertainment. Read More