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  • NAME Christie Moeller
  • BIO An innate sense of fashion forward style and unwavering confidence are the key components to Christie Moeller’s accomplished career as a fashion stylist. Her dead-on selections, dependability and earned trust have garnered Moeller an impressive client list and respect from well-known photographers, editors, celebrities and public relations firms. This has allowed Moeller to create images for print, commercials, music videos, electronic and television productions — all different mediums, all with the stylishly appropriate Moeller touch. Her extensive client list includes MTV, VH1, CBS, Billboard Music Awards, Toyota, Penn and Teller, Nike, Travel & Leisure, People, FHM, Maxim, Fight! Magazine, On Board Media, 944 Magazine and nearly every hotel/ casino in Las Vegas, where Moeller is based. Her knowledge of current and historical fashion trends makes her a valuable and well-educated source for the industry’s latest looks and information for both print and online media. Whatever the look desired – from a 1950s pin-up girl to real-life Barbie and Ken dolls – Moeller knows what is needed and makes it happen.

Articles By Christie Moeller

Steal His Style: Exclusive Interview with Costumer Designer from USA’s Hit Show “White Collar”

I spoke with Stephanie Maslansky the Costume Designer for "White Collar" about Neal's style: Q: How would you describe Neal Caffrey's Style? SM: Neal's look is rooted in the Rat Pack Era of the mid 1950s to '60's. Icons of charismatic cool–Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra , and Sammy Davis Jr, adopted the look. Their appeal was a particular brand of charm and wit–an overall attitude reflected by a new approach to style presenting a fresh, slimmer silhouette. Today the attitude and silhouette have been refined for modern times. Read More

Butter Me Up: Q & A with butter LONDON’s Nonie Creme

Butter LONDON was founded by Sasha Muir, who moved to the U.S. from the U.K. and was shocked by some of the toxic ingredients in our cosmetic products. She saw the need for a new brand of hand and nail-care products that combined high fashion and health, and set about building what is today, a premier British fashion brand. London's leading manicurist & nail trend spotter, Nonie Creme, joined butter LONDON and Sasha to help complete a range of hand and nail-care products without chemical nasties. All butter LONDON nail lacquers are "3 Free." Each season butter LONDON is backstage at Fashion Week collaborating with top designers and developing custom nail lacquer on the spot! I sat down with Nonie Creme to "file" out a bit about butter LONDON and the top nail tips and trends for Spring/Summer 2011. Read More

Q&A with Celebrity Jewelry Designer Melinda Maria

We all love the jewels we see celebrities wearing on the red carpet, but in these economic times few of us are willing to dish out the dollars for these pieces. Celebrity favorite jewelry designer Melinda Maria believes, "You don't have to spend thousands of dollars to look like a Million." Her design philosophy is "to create beautiful, high quality that looks real, but is actually fine crafted costume jewelry." The result is stunning pieces that can be worn by celebrities on the red carpet or by anyone anytime they want to feel beautiful. Read More

Bethenny Frankel Bottles Up Her Signature Skinnygirl Margarita

The weather has started to slowly warm up, which means I will soon be switching from my winter Irish Coffees back to my favorite summer drink–the Margarita! You may remember last summer I posted a recipe for a low-calorie margarita, but now I have the BIGGEST NEWS in skinny drinks so far: Bethenny Frankel–celebrity natural foods chef and Real Housewife of New York City–has launched the Skinnygirl Margarita! Read More

Social Media-Inspired Travel Comfort for Your Feet — Tory Burch

We’ve all been there — in line at airport security wearing flip flops (for easy removal) and staring down at the disgusting carpet that thousands upon thousands of bare feet have walked on, realizing that soon we will have to remove our shoes and put our precious naked tootsies on that bacteria ridden-petri dish of a carpet. Ew, yuck, yuck. Read More

I Want Candy: Ippolita

New Year's resolution No. 2: stock up on some of the hottest statement jewelry around. This year it's all about bold color and shine. What do I want? I want candy — Ippolita's Rock Candy Collection. Read More

Be Fit in Your Frock: Healthy Eats for the New Year

New Year's resolution No. 1: Fit into fabulous clothing. You may ask why a fashion writer is doing a piece on healthy eating. The answer is that you need to eat healthy in order to fit into your fabulous frocks. Eating at Mickey D's isn't going to get you into that YSL gown. Read More

The Doctor Is In

Mark "Dr. Tea" Ukra, owner of the Tea Garden & Herbal Emporium, is a leading authority on tea. The doctor comes from a family of Middle Eastern tea merchants dating back 400 years and still travels the globe to different tea houses and farms, bringing back specimens to share at his store. Read More