Cantor Spine Institute To Be First in Florida To Use EOS Imaging System


Who is Cantor Spine Institute?

Cantor Spine Institute is a renowned South Florida-based medical practice specializing in a holistic approach to spinal care through minimally-invasive surgery, cutting-edge technology, methodical research and analysis, and exceptional patient experiences. The pioneering vision of Dr. Jeffrey Cantor, Cantor Spine Institute is dedicated to lifestyle-preserving, long-lasting, superior solutions for patients with spine problems.

Cantor Spine Institute is driven by a future-now ethos, and the practice addresses the shortcomings of traditional orthopedic surgery and dated methodology head-on, allowing patients today to benefit from technology and expertise that is years ahead. As obsessed as we are with having the latest technology for our devices, Cantor is obsessed with having the latest technology for their patients. Cantor will be the third private practice in the country to have the EOS system and the only private practice in Florida to have it. 

What is the EOS Imaging System?

“EOS imaging is a game-changer for every patient, pediatric and adult, with a spine problem. This premier imaging system affords us the most advanced diagnostic tools to plan for both surgical and nonsurgical treatments and procedures for all spinal conditions, including the most complex of spinal deformities.”  Jahangir “John” Asghar, MD

EOS is an advanced orthopedic imaging system that can be used throughout the continuum of care for skeletal conditions, particularly for your spine, hips and knees. With EOS, your dose of radiation will be ALow AReasonably Achievable (ALARA). 

There’s been a long-standing belief that radiation negatively affects our well-being, so Cantor investing in the latest technology that limits their patients’ exposure to radiation only furthers the point that they are light-years ahead of their competitors in ensuring patient safety and satisfaction is their number one focus.

“Aside from a meaningful decrease in radiation exposure, the clarity and quality of the images generated by the EOS system offers real advantages. Clearer images improve diagnostic accuracy. This helps us to more effectively design and direct treatments to reach our first goal. To avoid surgery.” Anthony Giuffrida, MD


“We are committed to world-class treatment. That requires investing in and providing the absolute safest and most sophisticated technologies and techniques for our patients. We are proud to be the first practice in the state of Florida to acquire the EOS imaging system.” Jeffrey Cantor M.D.

We all love a one-stop-shop to make our lives easier, and Cantor Spine Institute offering EOS Imaging solidifies their spot as a one-stop spine and joint expert for those patients who have exhausted all non-surgical options and will benefit from surgery. With EOS Imaging, Cantor can now:

-Provide two life-size, full-body images (frontal and lateral) of your skeleton in a standing position, allowing them to achieve a new level of customization and precision in surgical planning

-Digitize, visualize, and actually practice a surgical procedure before the patient gets to the operating room. This allows Cantor doctors to know the details better than ever before of what they are going to do before they start. This means less blood loss, less pain, less infection risk, fewer revisions and overall: safer surgery and better outcomes.