Meet The Wellness Lab’s Dynamic Duo Continuing To Pioneer The IV Concierge Space

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Welcome to The Wellness Lab, where we hold the firm belief that true well-being and vitality originate from within. As a leading mobile concierge service specializing in vitamin and supplement IV infusions, we stand ready to accompany you on your transformative path toward optimal health. Here we will dive into our journey, speak on the treatments we offer, and cast a glimpse into the future of wellness. 

How The Wellness Lab Began

The journey of The Wellness Lab traces back to us, Adina Arce RN and George Arce RN — a dynamic husband and wife team — with a cumulative nursing experience of over two decades. Against the backdrop of the pandemic in 2020, we embarked on the transition from New York to Naples. Fueled by the desire to establish our own business and a shared passion for the transformative effects of IV therapy, especially in light of the circumstances and the increasing need for preventative care, The Wellness Lab came into existence.

A Comprehensive Vision

From the start, we envisioned a practice name that would encompass all areas of wellness. We recognized the potential for the expansion of our practice, envisioning the incorporation of additional services geared towards health and wellness.

From the beginning, our mission has always been to provide clients with the highest quality concierge IV therapy in the comfort of their homes. Since opening two years ago, our vision has expanded. We now offer our services in a dedicated location. Beyond IV therapy, our treatment options have grown, adding on numerous services such as peptide therapy, hormone therapy, and mirconeedling with PRP.

Among these, our Mobile IV therapy (Immune boost, Hangover drip, NAD+) weight loss peptides are the most popular. In time, we anticipate introducing injectable therapy – both Botox and fillers! Our trajectory in the field of health and wellness is marked by consistent growth. We strive to integrate the latest and most effective, ensuring our clients receive the best care.


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The Underrated Service

Perhaps one of the hidden gems of our offerings lies in the range of diverse peptide therapies. Peptides, composed of amino acid chains serving as the foundational building blocks of proteins, constitute self-administered injections tailored for weight loss, athletic recovery, and anti-aging. These treatments can be seamlessly integrated into your preventative health and wellness regimen.

Defining the Vibe

Our practice is innovative, informative, and therapeutic. We constantly attend conferences and update our practice based on the latest research and evidence. We like to be ahead of the curve. Leveraging our backgrounds as Registered Nurses, we love to educate our clients on the most beneficial treatments for them. We provide a safe and therapeutic environment for our clients where we encourage them to be advocates for their own health.

Allow the team at The Wellness Lab to assist you in achieving your healing and wellness aspirations by crafting a bespoke vitamin infusion — all conveniently at your chosen location! Our IV Therapy services extend to Naples and its surrounding cities. In most instances, you can expect us at your doorstep within two hours. Experience total wellness today, contact The Wellness Lab.

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