MATTER OF FACT Unveils New Products And Fresh Looks For Old Favorites

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MATTER OF FACT

Are you curious about the skincare routines of Nicky Hilton and Nam Vo? Well, as a MATTER OF FACT, both of these famous faces use the award-winning, clinical skincare brand MATTER OF FACT. And that's not all - they've just released three new innovative products and given two of their existing products, the Brightening + Firming Serum (formerly Ascorbic Acid) and Minimalist Hydrating Moisturizer a fresh new facelift. Check out these three new game-changers:

Barrier + Antioxidant Treatment

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MATTER OF FACT

Apply 3-5 drops of Barrier + Antioxidant Treatment, infused with skin-mimicking lipids and free radical-fighting antioxidants, for more radiant and resilient skin - use it anytime, day or night, before or after any serum or moisturizer.

Resurfacing + Hydrating Serum

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MATTER OF FACT

For a brighter and clearer complexion, try Resurfacing + Hydrating Serum, a potent blend of multi-acids, anti-irritants, and hydrators that gently exfoliate and refresh the skin - simply apply 3-5 drops on clean skin, 2-3 times per week at first, and gradually increase to 1-2 times per day. Don't forget to follow with a moisturizer!

Wrinkle + Texture Concentrate

Photo Credit: Courtesy of MATTER OF FACT

COMING SOON: Wrinkle + Texture Concentrate, a patent-pending treatment that combines retinol, Vitamin C, and azelaic acid to target wrinkles, dark spots, and skin texture - apply a pea-sized amount to clean skin at night, 2-3 times a week initially, and gradually increase to nightly use as your skin adjusts. For best results, follow with a moisturizer, and avoid the eye and lip area.

MATTER OF FACT is not your ordinary skincare brand - they're revolutionary! They refuse to compromise on quality and deliver products that are thoughtfully formulated and research-backed. Some might say they're brutally honest, but they prefer to call it being a MATTER OF FACT. With a focus on developing innovative and uncomplicated formulas, they provide measurable results that go beyond your expectations. And the best part? Each product incorporates never-before-seen patent-pending technology, and they conduct comprehensive independent lab testing using the complete formula (not just the ingredients).

We've said it before, and we'll say it again - MATTER OF FACT is a brand that you need to keep on your radar. It's time to get these products ingrained in your brain, and as a MATTER OF FACT, you won't regret it! These results have never felt so good.