Rachel Choy: Passion & Realness Are The Ingredients For Successful Content Creation

Juggling between career and family, among other everyday responsibilities, is a very challenging task in every woman's life. New York City’s own Rachel Choy shares her success story, which inspires countless women worldwide. She is a mother of two girls, lifestyle blogger, influencer, and creator of the “In Rachel Shoes” blog. This lifestyle blogger’s journey started by posting on social media for fun.

“I was hoping to make a side income from social media. But somehow, my posts and profile drew the attention of many brands and campaigns - so it started to grow from there,” explains Rachel. At first, she didn’t post her kids on social media because she didn’t want them exposed online. “Like every mother, I wanted to protect my kids, my two (positively) crazy girls,” she says.

As time went by, social media presence and posting became Rachel's full-time job. She didn’t want to lose out on quality time with her family. “I wanted to give them my time even when I had to work. And posting about my girls and my family was some kind of bonding time,” explains Rachel. “Because of that, I fell in love with the content creation process. With a little bit of help and endless support from my loving husband - I started to document and share both personal and family experiences.”

Her Instagram profile reached hundreds of thousands of followers, mainly women. “I’m always there for my followers - to answer their questions, to break any kind of doubt they have, share thoughts about various topics, etc.,” says Rachel Choy. This inspired her to create a blog called “In Rachel Shoes.”

“This blog enabled me to share more personal and detailed stories about my family, traveling recaps, food reviews, shoes and fashion, and lifestyle experiences,” explains Rachel. “People who don’t know me would think I overshare things - but I don’t. I keep it distant; I don’t share everything on social media literally.”

As mentioned, her social media engagement attracted many brands wanting to partner with her, but even in those situations, Rachel is very careful. “I wouldn’t share something with people just because someone told me to or it’s expected from me,” she explained. “I like to experience products and services - and after that, share the real story and impression about it.”

“My parents taught me to do whatever I want in life as long as I am satisfied and inspired,” says Rachel. “And this job brought me a lot of inspiration and passion.” Rachel Choy shares the secret formula she uses in life and her content creation process, making her stand out from the crowd.

“In the world of the Internet, people are presenting their lives perfectly filtered, and I didn’t want to do that,” explains Rachel. “That’s why my two key ingredients in life and work are passion and realness.” That’s why Rachel has no problem with sharing make-up-free posts.

She admits that keeping work-life balanced is hard but not impossible. “As long as you are honest to yourself - everything you do and create will be from your heart,” explains Rachel Choy.

Written in partnership with Ally Craft