From Clueless To Chic: The Five Iconic Hair Colors Of The 90s Making A Comeback

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Salon Lusso of Naples

Are you feeling nostalgic for the good ole days? Well, get ready to transport yourself back to the 90s because the hair trends of that era are making a major comeback in 2023! Our Haute Beauty experts at Salon Lusso of Naples are seeing a resurgence of classic hair color trends, from warm blondes to ribbon highlights and chocolate brown shades, that are giving us all the feels. This year, it's all about channeling your inner Cher from Clueless and embracing the iconic hair colors of the past. So, join us as we take a trip down memory lane and explore the hair trends that have taken 2023 by storm - the 90s are back, ugh, as if!


Ditching the ash and saying hello to the brass. A WARM welcome to the return of honey blondes. Jamie Caruso of Salon Lusso of Naples really loves that this trend is making a comeback because it doesn’t require reaching platinum results, which is healthier for the hair and maintains integrity.


Ribbon highlights are a modern take on the 90s chunky highlights. They create thicker hints of color that create a ribbon-like appearance.


There’s nothing like the perfect, classic yet rich chocolate brown. Having a deep rich root and gradually melting down the hair shaft ½ to a full shade lighter. This creates dimensional hues and you could even add a little balayage or ribbon highlights to really make it pop.


This trend is all about framing the face with brighter, lighter highlights. It's perfect for adding dimension to your hair without going too extreme.


Why have just one color?  Color blocking is another 90’s inspired trend that had made its resurgence.  You can have multi tones by making as big or as little of a statement as you please. You can elevate your classic color by adding color blocking. It’s all about the placement. It can be natural and diffused, a little peekaboo, or loud and proud.

Want to turn heads with your new hairstyle? Come to Salon Lusso of Naples and discover the latest hair trends. From bold colors to edgy cuts, they will help you create a look that's both timeless and on, the 90s trend.

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