Meet, Learn, Immerse, And Collaborate At This Year’s Multispecialty Aesthetic Conference (MAC) In San Diego

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The MAC

When medical professionals come together to create a conference for medical professionals, the outcome is bound to be exceptional. This year the Multispecialty Aesthetic Conference (MAC) will be hosting its second annual forum in San Diego, CA, spanning over three and a half days. The conference is designed to enhance your clinical skills, foster meaningful conversations, and provide real solutions to help your practice prosper. Each day will feature activations focused on the four core values of the event: to meet, to learn, to immerse, and to collaborate.

At Haute Beauty, we understand the immense value of attending the MAC and aim to highlight the conference’s core four values while emphasizing how it can benefit all attendees, regardless of their position in the healthcare industry. MAC is the conference for everyone, and we’re here to explain why.

The Conference for Everyone

The healthcare industry is diverse and encompasses a wide range of roles and specialties. The Multispecialty Aesthetic Conference (MAC) recognized this and offers sessions tailored to meet the specific needs and interests of attendees.

If you work at the front desk, you can benefit from attending the Practice Management and Marketing (PMM) sessions, which are designed to help improve office efficiency and attract new patients. These sessions will provide valuable insights on how to optimize the patient experience and increase profitability for the practice.

For MD’s, there will be master sessions that focus on new techniques and advancements in the field. Attending these sessions will provide an opportunity to learn from leading experts and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry. Moreover, attending MAC can benefit not only the individual attendee but their entire practice. With a diverse range of sessions and topics, attendees will have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, network with colleagues, and ultimately improve patient care.

The Core Four Values


The power of people coming together is indescribable, especially when it is hundreds of the industry’s most experienced and forward-thinking professionals in plastic surgery, facial plastic surgery, dermatology, and oculoplastic surgery. While connecting with your peers, you will have the unique opportunity to speak with a diverse range of practitioners that share similar or diverse interests to you. No matter who you are and why you're there, you will form connections that you'd never thought were possible to have. That's the power of the MAC.


Regardless of the goal you set when attending the conference, there is one thing that each attendee will walk away with, whether they want it or not, knowledge. Whether it is a tip, a new idea, or a way to market your practice, the MAC places a strong emphasis on learning. Throughout the days, your schedule will be jampacked with hundreds of demonstrations, master seminars and presentations. Hey, it is the most comprehensive educational event of the year!


From live demos to workshops, the MAC highly encourages and prioritizes opportunities to engage directly with the material presented. At the MAC prepare to participate in lessons, workshops, and see live demonstrations, as well as many industry exhibitor booths in the stunning exhibit hall. No matter your level of experience, there will be both CME and non-CME activities to immerse yourself in.


The value that MAC provides to attendees, like yourself, goes beyond the medical professional on the panels, in the demonstrations, and in the seminars. Surrounding you, day in and day out, will be like-minded individuals in the medical field. This gives you and attendees the opportunity to collaborate and learn from the one's sitting to the left and right of you. Collaborating is a key part of medicine, and who better to learn from than the ones who have decided to join the MAC conference themselves?

If you are interested in attending the MAC Conference this summer in San Diego, you can find a detailed description online today. Get the best rates during Early Registration through April 1 with an extra discount when you use MACHaute10. We hope to see you there!