The Beauty Industry’s Dirty Little Secret: Uncovering The Most Toxic Products

Photo Credit: Shutterstock

In our day and age, it is no secret that we are exposed to chemicals daily. Various degrees of toxins enter our system through food, water, and even topical products. They penetrate our system and cause endocrine hormone imbalances. Our endocrine system is responsible for all the biological processes of our body, so it is essential for it to function properly. Most will be surprised to find that beauty products such as fragrances, shampoos, creams, and makeup all contain an excessive number of contaminants. Toxic metals, phthalates, parabens, and phenols are some of the harmful ingredients to watch out for. Here's our list of the top three contaminated beauty products:

1. UV Gel Manicures

An immaculate manicure that lasts three weeks without chipping doesn’t come without ramifications. Gel manicures have long been known to contain chemicals that may damage nails and cause contact dermatitis. A more recent study conducted at the University of California San Diego suggests that UV nail dryers are associated with cell death and mutating DNA cells which may cause skin cancer. This alarming new study is prompting people to reconsider their nail regimen and seek out a more natural manicure.  A non-toxic polish like Londowntown is definitely a safer option if you consider taking a break from gel polishes.

2. Fragrance

Perfumes consist of 3,000 varying chemicals, like Phthalates, and it is surprisingly one of the most hazardous beauty products of all time. In some studies, exposure to these chemicals is linked to endocrine disruption, adverse reproductive effects, diabetes, asthma, insulin resistance and obesity.  Considering the amount and frequency at which we all use our fragrances, it might be worth considering some alternative options. Solid perfumes contain fewer chemicals and are made up mostly of essential oils so that is always a great option. Heretic is a brand that makes a variety of non-toxic fragrances. However, if you are not willing to give up your signature scent, use perfume sparingly and don't spray directly onto the skin.

3. SPF Containing Products

Sun Protection Factor better known as SPF, protects us from harmful UVA and UVB rays. If you are not using a mineral-based sunscreen then most likely it contains harmful chemicals. Oxybenzone, an allergen and endocrine disrupter, is the most worrisome chemical found in SPF products. Studies have shown this ingredient to be particularly harmful in kids. When possible, it is best to buy creams and foundations without added SPF. Using a mineral-tinted sunscreen is a great solution for those who need coverage and SPF in one.

Be Aware and Do Your Own Research

Many find it difficult to give up their beloved beauty products and regimes. Using clean beauty brands whenever possible is a great step in the right direction. Less is always more, especially when it comes to chemicals. If we limit and control our exposure to these contaminants and prevent hormone disruptions, our overall health won’t be compromised. To be safe, check your products in this database here to get a better understanding of the ingredients and toxicity levels of your products.